Model Checking for the Working Man (m/f) (2015)

Correctly designing a concurrent system is hard. Formal methods make it easier, and they're really not so intimidating as you think. (read)

Threading models in a messaging system (2013)

An overview of the implications of single/multithreading and (a)synchronicity in a messaging system (read)

Vim Boot Camp (2012)

An introductory course to the powerful text editor that is Vim, given to colleagues at Sioux. (read)

JavaScript Boot Camp (2011)

An introductory course to JavaScript, given to colleagues at Sioux. (read)

Exception Handling Patterns (2011)

Written for form colleagues of mine at ASML, a short primer on how to think about exception handling and how to write exception-safe code (using Java as an example). (read)

Complexity Scalable Motion Estimation Control for H.264/AVC (2009)

My master's thesis, on optimally allocating a computational budget while encoding video. (read)

Exception or Rule? (2003)

An essay advocating the use of exceptions over that of return values. (read)