My name is Rico, a.k.a. "rix0r" or "rix0rrr". I guess my archetypical definition would be: a programmer.

My profession was never a question. From the moment I saw my first computer—I was 8 years old and they had just bought a Commodore 64 at my friend’s house—I was fascinated by that magical device that could show all kinds of games on its screen, and could be programmed as well. Since that time, I’ve owned various computers, and have dedicated myself to understanding and controlling these mechanical beasts of burden.

I started programming at age 10 on that very same Commodore 64, and worked my way up through various old computers I got handed down to me left and right. My abstraction level grew as I got older: from BASIC, which is hardly programming at all, to Pascal (getting to know pointers and objects, GASP) and pixel-pushing in assembly, to a little C, and via Java and PHP up to higher-level languages such as Python, Scala and JavaScript.

For me, this has the advantage that I know what got hidden from me at each level up, and when the abstractions inevitably leak, I know where to look.

In my spare time, I do more programming (various hobby projects) and I try to be a little artistic as well (As a matter of fact, to me, programming is as much of an art as it is a science, which I know is a controversial subject).

My goal in life is to learn every skill possible. I've still got a ways to go, but at least it keeps me busy ;)


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