Below is a collection of on-line and off-line tools I've made (and there's more on GitHub).

RoboMind Map Editor

A fully client-side HTML5 tile-based map editor for the RoboMind educational programming environment.



A web application for creating consistent color shades from any set of colors.


Windows Path Editor

The non-frustrating way to editor your PATH if you use a lot of command-line tools on Windows.

(GitHub page)


The address bar is the new command line! Search any website directly from your address bar, with a simple configuration tweak to your browser.


Foldable CD Sleeve Generator

Generate a printable page that will fold up to a sleeve for 2 CD’s, including a cover image of your choice.



A bookmarklet to quickly copy/paste hyperlinks between different devices you own.


Subversive SVN Manager

Not to be confused with the Eclipse plugin of the same name, this Subversive is a web-based editor for SVN config files. Requires a Java app server.

(download at Google Code)


Batch rename any number of files using the power of your favorite text editor! (Recommended: power text editors such as Vim or Emacs)

(download at SourceForge)

LaTeX Equation Editor

See what your LaTeX equations look while you're typing them. No need to recompile your entire document.

(download at SourceForge)

Atomic Bomberman Launcher

Set up Atomic Bomberman matches at your LAN party in a heartbeat, without having to go through the crappy in-game config screens. Features map preview.

(download at SourceForge)


Simple timekeeping for freelancers or small project teams.

(download at SourceForge)

JavaScript color picker for MooTools

A translation of John Dyer’s Photoshop-like color picker for the MooTools framework.

(download here)