Lightning fast search in every browser


Launch a search on your favorite search engine with only a few keystrokes in the address bar of your browser. It's like Chrome's omnibox, but everywhere!


No need to add all different search engines to every browser on every computer you use. Simply add PowerSearch once and you're done!


PowerSearch is like a Wiki: anyone can add search engines. You'll have the power to search sites you didn't even know existed!

How to use it

Simply add the search field above as a search engine to your browser, and use a short keyword to activate it, for example s. Then simply type the following in your browser's address bar s g giant pretzel farm to search Google for "giant pretzelf farm", or s i ratatouille to search IMDB for Ratatouille. Take a look at the full list of search engines to see what else is available.

How does it work?

Every search goes through this website. We look at the first word of your search string, look it up in our table of search engines, then issue an HTTP redirect to the search URL of the appropriate search engine. Easy-peasy!(*)

Written by Rico Huijbers. Original idea by Freek Mank.

(*) Be aware that every search you do goes through this website, and hence will end up in my web server logs. I will not use this information for any nefarious purpose (I will probably not even look at it unless I have errors to debug), but I will not expend any extra efforts attempts to guarantee your privacy.


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