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There always seems to be a lot of confusion about Model-View-… umm… and-then-something-more architectures. Everybody seems to get the Model and the View parts. The Model is where your data... (read)

How I would design palm rejection

“Palm rejection” is the name for a cool technological trick which comes in very handy if you like drawing or writing on your fancy capacitive touch tablet. It allows your... (read)

Conway's Game of Life in the Lambda Calculus

(The code of this blog post is available on GitHub) Last year, I participated in the Global Day of Code Retreat. On this day, developers all over the world take... (read)

The downside of being a generalist

I think of myself as being a “generalist.” For me, this means I do not limit myself to a single problem or solution domain. I do web development, but also... (read)

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Most interesting projects

RoboMind Map Editor

A fully client-side HTML5 tile-based map editor for the RoboMind educational programming environment.


Windows Path Editor

The non-frustrating way to editor your PATH if you use a lot of command-line tools on Windows.

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The address bar is the new command line! Search any website directly from your address bar, with a simple configuration tweak to your browser.



A bookmarklet to quickly copy/paste hyperlinks between different devices you own.



Most recent daily drawing.


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